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Fix your Credit

Our buyer programs all qualify you for free credit repair!
We succeed when you do
When you sign up for buying through our owner finance side which has many options for bad credit buyers, you will have the option to go through a credit evaluation free of charge. Once you have been evaluated and start the home purchase process, your credit repair begins immediately at no extra charge.

You do not have to use this service
Although we highly suggest it. During your consultation you will be given the information needed to evaluate your own scores and given some suggestions on how to improve your credit yourself. We do not however teach you the dispute methods and some of the debt negotiation techniques to help settle any outstanding debts which may in turn keep your score down. We hire an outside company that we trust and know through experience can do this more effectively than we can. We pay for it so take us up on the offer.

Why would you want this service if your in a house already
Your credit not only affects your ability to purchase a home but many other things. Lines of credit, credit card interest rates, auto loans and much more.

The main reason for fixing your credit is that as soon as your credit hits the right spot you will many times want to refinance your home loan to get a great rate. Although we won't gouge you, our rates will be higher mostly depending on your down payment. You might also have a balloon payment due after a certain amount of time. Our most common contract is a lease with option to buy. This is similar to a rental contract with the exception you are guaranteed the right to buy at an already set price by a certain date. Doing this guarantees that if the market goes up we can't just raise the price when you want to exercise your right to buy. Other contracts include a contract for deed and subject to with those that furnish larger down payments. If you aren't able to get your credit score high enough to purchase extensions of contract are possible.

We want you to buy the house and pay the balance as it gives us more working capital. It does us no good to just keep turning over people who cant get the loans. ---some companies hope you can't get the loans and force excessively high fees to extend or worse boot you so they can get another down payment--- This is why it is important to take the credit evaluation seriously. It is for your benefit and ours. We don't want to set up a contract for 1 year if its going to take 2 years to repair your credit. So we add certain time frames and automatic extensions right from the beginning. Take us up on this offer and get into a home now while home prices are still low.

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