Real Estate Renovation, Repositioning and Investment

  • Asset Backed Investments

    Real Estate is a cash intensive business. Because of this, there is always more deals than money. Learn how investors can use this information to earn returns on their liquid capital.

  • Improving Cities through Development

    Our goal is to take the bad and make it good. Call Us at 253-254-7996 or fill in the form of your choice below.

Relationships Matter

Whether we are purchasing from distressed sellers or partnering with investors, it is important that everyone wins. No party should feel like they didn't benefit if the deal doesn't pass a moral check list then we will pass.

Fast Closing

If you need cash fast for your home, we can help. We buy properties of all types and can close quickly on most properties. In many cases single family homes can close in less than seven days. Because of the need for more due diligence with multifamily and apartments they will take longer so don't wait on contacting us.

Great Investments

Real Estate is a great way to gain returns on your money while keeping a hard asset as collateral. Whether you are equity or interest motivated, Investing in real property can be a great way to diversify.

Learn More

Get more information by calling at 253-254-7996 or fill in the form of your choice below. or contacting us through our Contact page here. Leave your number and we will call you back within 24 hours.

Recent Projects

Are you Stuck in a House and have no way out. We can help! Fill out the form on the right and you will be contacted quickly and in many cases have an offer the same day.

We are now up with our new site. Moving from rei houses to kds development. The old look and feel of reihouses felt a little too impersonal so it is time to change.

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