Mon-Sat: 08.00 -18.00
Mon-Sat: 08.00 -18.00
Mon-Sat: 08.00 -18.00

Investors Start Here
Get the information you need to be a successful Investor.

What you will get from this training
Everything in this training/coaching is step by step - you can't move on without completing the steps but you can go through them as fast as you can.  Each section is a module which will give you a series of tasks with deadlines to complete, you will be able to ask questions about each specific task. At the end of most modules you will have a call to go over everything before moving onto the next module.

1. Introduction - Explains how everything will be presented as well as gives you some other good resources to learn from, books to read, podcasts to follow. These are things to do on the side and not to get distracted by (remember you have deadlines for each task)
2. Choose a market
3. Handling Leads (Crms)
4. Web and Social setup
5. Deal Evaluation
6. Your Team - this includes everything from your title agent or closing attorney to your contractors and your money sources.
6. Marketing - how to find the sellers and buyers as well as getting your team together
7. Closing the deal
These are all the components necessary to find buy and sell real estate.  Once completed you will be a machine that can scale your efforts to grow to where you want to be.

Other Great benefits
- Once you complete the course you become eligible to get free leads from us.  This is on top of your own lead generation.  If we get leads in your area and you have proven yourself by completing the course you are eligible.
- Get a huge amount of value by having KDS Home Buyers behind you as a built in cash buyer if needed.
- Much more!

We built this to network with other investors for many reasons.  We use affiliate links when we can, which allows us to offer everything for free.  Our coaching is also free as we do it in a way that helps us work together on future deals that we might provide in your market.    Signing up on our links and or joining our training helps us do some pretty cool things.  Things like suites in your local pro sports events.  Dinner meetups and special events like Disney trips or even cruises.   These are all the things we have done and want to do much more of. 

Why would we do this
KDS Development started as a buyer and investor site that was formerly used to build the investor database for our home buying company KDS Homebuyers. As we have progressed we have changed things, and turned it into our training and resource site. Our hopes are that we can train and coach others in an effort to expand our business. We hope to be able to contact trainees we trust when we have a deal, or if we want to buy in your market. Creating a win win for both sides all at no cost.

So much more than any other training, all for free!