KDS Training

Step by step instruction

All training that we put on is step by step instruction not just education.  We find that most people get caught up in trying to learn everything  before every doing anything. This only leads to never getting started.  No one will ever have all the information, so there is no need to put off action.  That doesn't mean jump in blind folded.  We provide you with a solid base of knowledge and a set of tasks that will get you in the right frame of mind.  After that, we go full steam ahead.  You get step by step tasks to do, and aren't allowed to move on until they are completed.  No excuses, if you look back and have every task completed you are on your way.

Everything at no cost - really
In any training we do, you get everything for free.  As with any business you will need a few tools, but our training will show you where to get the best tools tools and services for the least money, this will keep your cost's down so that you can focus your money on things that are important like marketing.
Learn to Market like a pro and where to save
Speaking of marketing, you will get marketing resources, tips and tricks that aren't matched.  Super inexpensive postcards (even if you aren't buying 10k at a time).  We go over setting up online campaigns, how to get your lists for free (without huge amounts of work).  With the lists you will learn all the marketing techniques that work and we even let you know what's best for your budget.

Training built around you
We want to know your goals and intentions so we can set you up with tasks that will help you achieve your goals very fast.  Our intention is to help you become successful or find out if you might be better off in another industry.  Contrary to what others might say, there are definitely people that won't make it. (this doesn't mean you have to fit a certain mold of person, most people can make it with persistence)  The point is to find if its for you and find out fast.  If you aren't on your way in 6 months or less then we can reevaluate.  Sometimes it might be the market sometimes its the budget and sometimes its the person.  That being said usually 6 months is enough time to find out and go getters will most likely see results in a couple of months.

Get Free training, from a company that is actually in the business.