Check out these great resources for your real estate business.  We try to narrow them down to the top several for each category as the intention is to take action and not go down the rabbit hole of info. We will add more links to each category but try to take action.


Great podcasts to start listening to today right away all free here. Just look them up by name on your favorite podcast platform. If you can't find them just ask us.


Here are some great sites for furthering your education or getting other opinions. Be careful not to get information overload.

Bigger pockets is possibly the number one real estate site in the world. It is full of articles and all kinds of information. They have even published their own books.  There are some decent tools but the biggest value they bring is their discussion forum. Ask away but be careful of the negative people.  Its a great place but so many people give their "opinions" its hard to know for sure what to believe but the intent is usually good.

Rei club is a large forum that has a lot of great info.  Its fairly dated in the look and feel but is still a great resource and has another good forum.

Make sure to go here and get the app.  This is probably your best source to start networking right away with others in your industry. All kinds of real estate related groups from investors to contractors.