Batch Lead - List Stacking, SMS and much more!

Batch Leads is a robust multi purpose system for managing leads and lead marketing. Get $15 towards skip tracing and more when you signup.

batch leads

Batch leads is a multi purpose list stacking tool.  The team at Batch is always innovating and improving their products. Some of the capabilities include list management, list pulling, text message marketing, skip tracing and direct mail. 

New members get one on one onboarding training as well as access to a very active support staff.  Make sure to check them out and some of their other products.


Batch leads is a very effective list stacking tool.  It is capable of quickly organizing your contacts into lists tags and more.  Check out some of the features the base plan comes with.

  • Monthly vacancy checks
  • Free usps address verification
  • list filtering and scrubbing
  • absentee filtering
  • foreclosure filters
  • much more

Batch has built in text capabilities that allow you to text message your database through campaigns as well as individually.  There is an upcharge to use texting through batch for $69 a month as well as .03 per text but if you utilize the service providers directly you can add your api and there is no additional costs.  There is a limit per day on the amount of texts which is dependent on the plan.

Batch is one of the top real estate skip tracing tools.  They have a very high hit (success) rate and their fees are reasonable.  Anywhere from 10 cents to 14 cents per hit and you are only charged if you get back at least one number.

Batch leads newest feature is direct mail. Within the platform you are able to add mail campaigns along with sms. This allows you to track which properties you have texted as well as mailed.  They have capabilities for letters and postcards and have multiple templates to choose from.

Performance +
  • Lists 1 - $59 per month
  • Lists 2 - $119 per month
  • Lists 3 - $149
  • Skip trace - .10 to .14 depends on plan
  • SMS - $69 - Free with sms provider integrations