From Prospect to Leads, From Leads to Revenue. Cheaper!

REISift refines your marketing data, pulling more juice from your existing lists as efficiently as a ninja in a dojo.

REI Sift

Quick Overview

Sort and filter your contacts to narrow down your lists to the most motivated sellers. 

Use workflows to stay in touch with your database.  Set them up so no lead gets left behind.

Easy to understand Kanban boards for working with your leads.

Built in Task management.  Work with your leads, assign tasks to your team and stay in contact.

About REI Sift

Rei Sift is a powerful list stacking tool with some crm capabilities.  Upload multiple lists, tag and stack them to filter down to sellers most likely to sell.  It also has click to call functionality and several integrations with other products.

Monthly Plans and Pricing
$49 Monthly 2 months free if billed yearly
$149 Monthly 2 months free if billed yearly
$299 Monthly 2 months free if billed yearly
Other Products and Services
  Essentials Professional Business
Additional Monthly Upload  N/A $5 per 10k 5$ per 10k
Skip Tracing $.17 $.15 $.12
Ball Point Letters $1.75 $1.75 $1.50