The most trusted provider of real estate information

PropStream® is the most trusted provider of comprehensive real estate data nationwide. We empower real estate entrepreneurs with the data, tools, and marketing solutions needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.


Quick Overview

PropStream’s nationwide property data is multi-sourced from county recordings, MLS records, and private data sources, giving you access to the most comprehensive and accurate database available of over 153 million properties

PropStream allows you to search for a property by address, assessor parcel number (APN), or geo search on our map:

  • Specific Address Search
  • County, City, and Zip Code Search
  • APN Search
  • Drawing Features
  • Parcel Lines
  • Map Based Search

PropStream provides up-to-date comps from public recordings and local MLSs to help you get the most current and accurate comp valuation available.

Filter data and search for only the properties that you are interested in.  Build lists from specific property types or owner motivations.

Use their built-in tool to help estimate your rehabs.  Put a cost to every line item in your job so you don't leave yourself underfunded.

Propstreams mobile app has built-in mapping functions so you don't need a separate driving for dollars software.

About Propstream

Propstream is one of the top real estate list-building platforms around.  With all the features above and many more.  They have many features that standard list providers don't.  Pull Lists, sort and filter them for the best leads, and setup campaigns to mail or skip-trace them from within the platform to send to yourself or a cold-calling company.

Monthly Plans and Pricing
Base Plan
$99 per month
List Automator Addon
$27 per month
Team Member Addon
$20 per month each user
Additional Features
Skip Tracing

Skip Trace your lists for phone numbers.  Utilize the numbers to call or text from your favorite text or call platform.  12 cents per record or 10 cents if you use list Automator as well.

Direct Mail

Mail your lists directly from within Propstream starting at 40 cents per postcard.

Email Capture

Scrub your lists for emails at 2 cents each hit.

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