Listsource data


Listsource is possibly the nations largest real estate data mining company.  They are owned by Core Logic and have been providing real estate data for a very long time.

Utilizing listsource can get you very granular data with several data points, demographics and more.  List pricing is dependant on what information you are wanting appended to your list.  If you want extrememly specific information listsource has that ability.

batch leads

Batch Leads

Batch leads is a multi purpose list stacking tool.  The team at Batch is always innovating and improving their products. Some of the capabilities include list management, list pulling, text message marketing, skip tracing and direct mail. 

New members get one on one onboarding training as well as access to a very active support staff.  Make sure to check them out and some of their other products.



Propstream is an extremely powerful tool for only $99 a month.  It brings several tools and a list source together into one easy to use product. On top of all of the above, Propstream has very good tutorials and support.  They also just recently added an investor training area at no extra cost.

Make sure to check them out and utilize a 7 day free trial.

Mojo Sells Dialer

Mojo Sells

Mojo Sells is a first and foremost a top notch dialing platform that is capable of single line upto triple line dialing.  They have a database with some crm functionality for working with your prospects.  Built in is the ability to call, email and print direct mail marketing. There is also import and export capabilities which allow bringing your leads in from other data sources.